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When you partner with us, you get a global team of hand-selected experts specialized for your necessary creative impact. We've gone through the red tape of the corporate world and have now opted to self-indoctrinate in a more desirable way to earn a living. We’re the not-so-secret society (some of) our corporate bosses hoped we’d never form. Whoops! Here of our own volition, we are contributing to projects because we are committed to community, art and imagination as catalysts for great change.


We’re adverse to snake oil. So let us give it to you straight:

Tiny Elephant is a high-performance consultancy and we aren’t vying to be your agency-of-record. It behooves us to take on fresh work. Because every time a project wraps, we evolve. Our ability to be reliably creative, legitimately innovative, and delightful to work with relies heavily on quick turnaround times and well-nourished relationships. Our ability to thin-slice with precision comes from years in the industry; we’re seasoned and have no intention of slowing down.

We are honored to find ourselves on high-profile, high-pressure projects where our optimistic mindset does the heaviest lifting. We bring our A-game and the results for our clients include profitable revenue streams, funding, internal & external growth, and sustainable ecosystems.

We have learned much of our patience and mindfulness from Ram Dass: Be here now, in the present. We perform our day-to-day as though life is a celebration. And when our engagements end, it’s because our portion is complete; it’s time for all parties to reap the benefits of divine timing.

The Great Acceleration has catalyzed urgent new ideas and forms of collaboration. The businesses that have survived are unwilling to repeat what has gone before. Instead, they and the new enterprises are focused on creating a future that is equitable, sustainable and able to operate at pace. Get ready for IRL and URL to blur, enabling truly worldly, communal, immersive experiences. 1


Check out the Top 11 Most Requested Services below. Find your favorites. Fill out our New Business Easy Form to begin the Discovery Phase. Smile because you just got one step closer to an incredible experience with Tiny Elephant.

Looking for a high-touch, custom scope of work? Ask about our specialized & managed service solutions in the form.

Creative Project Management

This is our superpower. Engage tenured practitioners who love to build custom frameworks and lead operational workflows (SOPs) to task progress, milestones, revisions, and deliverables. We are great conduits and delegators, understanding the need for both collaboration and self-sufficiency across teams and disciplines. We’re especially adept at highly strategic projects at scale, with a laser-focus on the critical macro & micro goals for key stakeholders.

Design Targeting

Explore the target that represents the aspirational core of who you are pursuing - a humanized synthesis of customer data sources and insights. It’s the sweet spot of a larger addressable population that shares many of its attributes and makes similar purchasing decisions.

Value Proposition Development

Create a value proposition to bridge your customers’ needs and wants with features of your products and details of your services. It’s the mantra that unites the two halves of the whole business.

Hero Brand Work

Develop brand stories through high-def design work, dynamic copywriting, quick-turn video production, web3 integrations, web development, UI/UX and more. Coupled with general consulting, our customized packages include collective brainstorms, imaginative working sessions, strategic marketing experiments, and R&D.

Brand Positioning

Own a unique position in the mind of the core audience & community; relative to the market in a way that signals differentiation. Through our reimagined perceptual mapping, we’ll strike the critically right balance between centrality and distinctiveness. Your choices influence not just how the brand will be perceived, but how much of it will be sold and at what price—ultimately affecting profitability.

Marketing Strategy + GTM

Generate the business’s overall plan of action for turning prospects into advocates– from objectives to strategic initiatives and tactics. Add a well-researched channel strategy plus unique testing and deployment plans, so your creative can hit-and-exceed industry benchmarks.

IP Development

Tiny rebellions have to start somewhere. Trust us, we began as a referral-only shop. We'll safeguard your NDA-sensitive work and create space for your biggest ideas to bloom. We'll strategize using other off-menu services - all under the radar - before emerging full-force.

Integrated Production Ops

Let us provide you with reassurance at each step of the production process. Leading critical communications, briefings, location logistics, and schedules across all teams (remote, hybrid, on-site) is what we’re best at. While creating or shooting, we run a tight ship that feels effortless. We also offer asset management, forecasting, reporting, and recruitment services for a well-rounded performance.

Give Back Modeling

With each project, establish a social impact framework and a tangible action plan to begin effecting positive change. We help you build a formula with implementation as the number one output. This isn’t virtue signaling, it’s real boots-on-the-ground efforts that align with the core values, culture, and communities you call home.

Brand Health Check

Audit your paid, earned, and owned media, and scorecard your brand. From affordability and accessibility to sustainability and equity, we'll analyze where your brand is leading. Let’s determine where you can iterate and optimize for maximum trajectory and optimal YoY growth.

Challenger Brand Workshop (IRL)

We’re obsessed with challenger brands. They shake things up. They change the rules. They get famous. We help you identify what kind of challenger you are, so you can be effectively disruptive in the marketplace. This custom offering is an in-person, two-day team immersion.


Commercialism rerouted to social impact. Over the past two years we’ve become trusted partners to local nonprofits simply by being of service in the community. These organic volunteer experiences led to the model we have today. As an impact studio, we’re uniquely positioned conduits – we connect corporations with boots-on-the-ground organizations focused on homelessness, regenerative farming, ocean conservation, addiction recovery, psychedelic science, healthcare tech, animal protection, prison reform, and more.

Our consistent and repeated, non-performative give-back invites brands to break ground on lasting infrastructural change. Leveraging the TE frontline network, we help activate a model for rapid social change with trackable metrics and actionable insights. Our grassroots movement is rewriting the capitalistic system code for a brighter world. Check out our Donations Log for more information on how we give back to move forward.


We have a purpose beyond profit. We work smarter intentionally, so we can reallocate free time to our Pro-Bono Services. Our infrastructure stands on the laurels of our Give Back Model™, a social responsibility framework built out of necessity in the fourth Industrial Revolution. The altruistic goal here at Tiny Elephant is to address societal problems instead of individual-consumer needs. To amplify voices of activists, nonprofits, street teams, healers, inventors, artists and orgs who need more airtime through our expertise and industry acumen.

*Interested in accessing our Pro-Bono Services?
Reach out to daniella@tinyelephantstudios.com to start the conversation.


Conformance, Limitations, & Feedback
Tiny Elephant Studios is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We’re dedicated to continually improving our user experience for everyone, and applying the relevant accessibility standards with each update.

If you experience any difficulty accessing our content, or would like to provide any feedback, please email us at hi@tinyelephantstudios.com and we’ll seek alternate solutions.